Our Philosophy

Zambia. A country in south-central Africa with

rugged terrain, diverse wildlife, and crippling poverty.


Most of rural Zambia’s villagers are bound to a life of merely surviving, rather than having an opportunity to thrive. Work is scarce, and families earn an average of $1 USD per day – barely enough to provide a single meal. Most heartbreaking of all, as is always the case in poverty-stricken areas, the children suffer the greatest. School is not free in Zambia, so many kids simply don’t attend. This often leads to a life of crime and drug abuse. The Day by De Foundation’s goal is to find a solution to these problems.


My name is Narendra De. My wife Candice and I went to Zambia in 2016 for our honeymoon. Our plan was to make an impact on two people’s lives. But we immediately realized that we wanted to do much more, so we founded Day by De.

Our mission is to seek out and foster entrepreneurs in rural Zambia. We help these forward-thinking men and women build community gardens, as well as goat and pig farms. These projects have provided a food and income source for the villages, but most importantly, given them the tools for self-sufficiency.

We are working with a local Zambian team, consisting of Chileshe Kabwe, Kekiwe, and Fredrick Nonde. In addition, we started an internship program with the Environmental Studies Department at the University of Colorado Boulder to raise awareness of the economic disparity in rural Zambia.

Together, these projects have helped over 3,000 Zambians get one step closer to sustainability.

The Founders

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