Meet Luchindo Shamiyoyo

Meet Luchindo Shamiyoyo. She is the 21 year old daughter of Mrs. Shamiyoyo. Luchindo just finished secondary school and remarkably was the 3rd Shamiyoyo villager to be accepted to college. At Eden University ( in Lusaka, she plans on studying nursing as that has been her dream to help others through the medical field.


There's only one problem - though she works hard at a shop in Kaoma, she does not make enough money to pay for tuition, food, and boarding. Her salary affords her her own living expenses and any extra is directed towards medical bills for her mother who is in the hospital with kidney issues. There is no surplus to save for college. She simply cannot afford it.

This is where you and I can help. Tuition, boarding, and a meal plan will cost her 12,600 kwacha per semester for six semesters. That's roughly $1000 every six months. It would be nothing short of life changing for her to obtain this degree. Graduates from nursing programs in Zambia are basically guaranteed a well paying job upon graduation.

Helping Luchindo through college would allow her to accomplish her dream, pay her mother's hospital bills, help her provide for her immediate and extended family, and break the cycle of poverty for this family. I've spent several days with Luchindo while in Shamiyoyo and I vouch for her character and work ethic. For example, before the Chief's party, I was waiting for our ride and I knocked on her door. Though finished with secondary school, I found her reading her biology textbook because she wants to keep the material fresh in her mind instead of waste time idly. I encourage any interested reader to help us send Luchindo through college and change the future of this promising young women and her family.

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