Second Preschool Work Day

I woke up and found a small dead black bird with a relatively long downward angled beak right outside my tent. A neighboring woman asked if she could have it. I said yes and she grabbed it with her bare hands. I'm not sure why she wanted it and I didn't wait around to find out.

Charles was on pig farm duty this morning. He rose early so that he could finish with the pigs and we could start working on the preschool latrines at 9:30. We started at 2 ft deep and ended at 1:00 at a depth of 5 ft despite having three fewer helpers this time. After the first two feet, the soil seems to have fewer roots and not many boulders. This helped us make speedy progress today but we still have 10 ft to go. We'll continue on Monday.


Zambia time again reared its ugly head. A soccer game between Shamiyoyo (1st place out of 13 teams in league standings) and a neighboring village were supposed to play at 3:00, then 4:00, then 5:00. After 5:00, for unknown reasons, the game was postponed.

This evening, Wana tried his hand at a rat trap. He suspended a piece of cardboard over the bucket with two separate pieces of string. He threaded one of the strings attached to the bucket up through the cardboard and tied a fish that the rats like to eat on top. On the underside, he tied a rock. The idea is if the rat eats the fish, it should fall into the water below. I think it has a chance to work but I also thought my two attempts would work.


Tonight, I'm showing Wana his first non-animated film - Jurassic Park, another of my favorites. I'm again excited to see his reaction.

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