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I never dreamt this would happen in my life
— Mr. Charles Shamiyoyo

How We Help

Primary School Garden | Benefits 870-1000 People

school Gardens

Donations: Donations provide schools like the Nabasunga Primary School with seed, fertilizer, a protective fence, irrigation piping, hand tools, and educational training to start a school garden.

Impact: Projects like this provided food for the students, an educational tool for students and teachers, and a source of income for items like cooking supplies, text books, pens and paper.

Real Impact: The Nabusanga Primary School located in the small town of Kabwe (Central Zambia) has 870 students that need our help. Work is scarce in Kabwe, and families face crippling poverty earning an average of just $1 USD per day – barely enough to provide a single meal. To compound issues, school is not free in Zambia, and many kids are unable to attend because their families can’t afford to pay tuition. This often leads to a life of crime and drug abuse, which is heart-breaking to see in person. The Nabusanga school has dedicated teachers but struggles to maintain its educational infrastructure, fails to provide meals, and can’t supply students with simple learning materials.

The Day by De Foundation has started to grow a garden on the school property but we need your help to expand.

Pig Farm | Benefits 1500 People

Pig Farms

Donations: Donations provide design and construction of pig pens and a composting system, water troughs, protective fencing, piggery training, 10 Pigs, and initial feed.

Impact: Approximately 1500 rural villagers will receive food, benefit financially from this endeavor, and learn how to manage pig farms - a critical skill needed to survive in rural Zambia.

Real Impact: Sustainable high-protein food sources that also produce income in rural Zambia are rare. The Day by De Foundation is changing the status quo. By empowering rural villages to build sustainable pig farms, we’re creating economic and educational opportunities that didn’t exist, and by building and operating a network of sustainable pig farms, we can bring sufficiency to entire villages and rural populations. In each village, we help form a cooperative (11 female and 8 male villagers) to build and operate each pig farm. This type of initiative is among the first of its kind in rural Zambia and its thriving!


pre-school | Benefits up to 500 Children


Donations: Life is hard for women in rural Zambia. Graduation rates are 60% less than that of men and women owned businesses are non existent. Text

Impact: Life is hard for women in rural Zambia. Graduation rates are 60% less than that of men and women owned businesses are non existent. Text

Real Impact: Life is hard for women in rural Zambia. Graduation rates are 60% less than that of men and women owned businesses are non existent. Text

support artists | Benefits local zambian artists

support artists

Donations: Purchasing a piece of artwork from our local Zambian artists provides income for their families, new art supplies, and entrepreneurial training

Impact: Art provides a unique platform to experience different cultures, teaches us about socioeconomic status, and provides an opportunity to learn about daily struggles and realities of people who live in a developing country (like Zambia).

Real Impact: The Day by De Foundation helps artists living in Rural Zambia sell their artwork which helps them buy food for their families and sends their children to school. These artists are highly talented and create beautiful hand crafted wooden animals, bracelets and necklaces, and paintings.

Community Project | Benefits 200-300 People

Irrigation Systems

Donations: Donations provide villages like Shamiyoyo with a water tank, stand, pump, piping, and installation to provide clean water for rural villages.

Impact: The average rural villager in Zambia lives one half mile from a clean water source. Most of their day is occupied by carrying water from a borehole or river to their home. Providing irrigation and pumping equipment establishes a way to get clean water directly to the village center and farmlands. This controlled access of water allows villages to grow and manage their crops to feed themselves, trade for other goods, sell for a profit, and grow more produce each year to help sustain their community.

Real Impact: Charles Shamiyoyo is a village leader who cares for his family and troubled youths from the nearby villages. His community is very rural, and the village fell on hard times due to the death of Charles’ father and sustained drought. Charles had a vegetable garden with a significant tomato and cabbage crop, who’s yield was supposed to help feed the village, and be used to sell and purchase other goods. At the end of the season his pump stopped working, so he had no way to get water from the river to his crops. This resulted in all of his tomatoes spoiling before they were ripe and the cabbage dying before they could bloom. Fixing the pump was too costly and required a trip to Lusaka (6 hours away). Charles needed a more reliable way to irrigate his garden, so the Day by De Foundation decided to help.