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Narendra De – Founder

Fell in love with Zambia and is doing his part to create self-sufficiency for all rural Zambians.


Candice De - Co-Founder

The heart and soul of our organization! Candice has been volunteering abroad for over 10 years doing everything from building foot bridges in South America to helping immigrants adjust to the customs here in the United States. Her compassion for all people keeps this mission true.

Mr. Shamiyoyo

Shamiyoyo community leader responsible for the livelihood of 1500 rural villagers. Charles is compassionate and family-oriented man determined to bring prosperity to the village of Shamiyoyo.


Mrs. Shamiyoyo

Loving mother of 7, village elder, and leader of the Shamiyoyo cooperative. Mrs. Shamiyoyo is charged with leading a group of men and women to complete and operate the projects.


Chileshe Kabwe - Program Manager

Program Manager of the Day by De Foundation, the backbone of all operations and ensures all projects comply with the Day by De Mission.


Fredrick Nonde - Program Manager

Project Manager of the Day by De Foundation, kicks projects off, tracks budget, and provides beneficiaries with entrepreneurial training.


Kekhiwe Mudiwa - Community Relations Manager

Community relations manager of the Day by De Foundation. Fosters relationships between communities and government entities, and is a role model to women beneficiaries.