Hand-Carved Wooden Elephant, Made in Lusaka, Zambia

Hand-Carved Wooden Elephant, Made in Lusaka, Zambia


Hand-Carved Ebony Elephants

  • 100% of proceeds go to Day by De projects

  • Hand-carved and polished in Zambia

  • Each elephant is unique

  • 4”x4”x1”

  • Collected in a sustainable fashion from downed trees and driftwood

  • Great gift and stocking stuffer

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Meet Maplanga!

Our newest entrepreneur! Maplanga is talented and art is his passion. Maplanga is 43 years old and has a family of 7 to support. He lives on the outskirts of Lusaka and makes a meager living selling hand-carved wooden animals.

By purchasing Maplanga's artwork, you're not only supporting his family but you’re helping to sponsor our pig farms, school gardens, and irrigation projects.

"Tsikomo" (Thank you)
- Day by De Team