Women-Led Businesses

To put things into perspective, while women's rights are increasingly at the forefront of American news and politics, it is unusual for Zambian women to drive a car and even, in some areas, to play soccer. Day by De seeks to balance the scales of this cultural paradigm by promoting women-led businesses, equipping Zambian women with the tools to create and maintain sustainable income sources. We hope and anticipate that these positive social, societal impacts of immeasurable intrinsic value will propagate throughout Zambian families and communities for generations.


shamiyoyo pig farm

Only a few years ago, the isolated village of Shamiyoyo in Zambia's Western Province faced the daily issue of food scarcity. With the help of Day by De, Shamiyoyo has since constructed a pig farm and has begun raising tens of pigs. This pig farm provides the village a sustainable food source but also additional income through sales in local and broader markets. Perhaps the most remarkable detail is that out of 21 beneficiaries who own and operate the pig farm, the majority are female. This is not merely a spark of hope; it is a demonstrated burning desire for enterprising, empowered women in Zambia to successfully contribute to their communities and provide for their families. These women serve as role models for younger girls and women in the community, proving that women are more than capable of such undertakings. As one of the newest Day by De projects, the Foundation continues to evaluate this project and identify other opportunities for women to make positive impacts in Zambia.